Monday, September 29, 2008

The Mountains

My heart yearns for this place right now. Away from the fast pace of our society. Away from the fear-based focus on our economy. Away from the political arena and away from the people who are filled with hate towards me simply because I stand with my president, President George W. Bush and because I support Senator John McCain and Governer Sarah Palin.

I long for simplicity and peace. I long for the mountains. The place my heart calls home. Where I can be myself. A place where labels don't apply to me. I can be a black/hispanic American and don't have to live the hip-hop, ghetto lifestyle. I can be a follower of Jesus, but not legalistic and self-rejecting. I can enjoy fashion and art and not be gay. I'm so tired of labels! Yes, I am a black/hispanic American. Yes, I am a passionate follower of Jesus. Yes, I do enjoy fashion and art. No, I am not ghetto, I don't walk with a swagger and I don't use ebonics in my language. No, I am not legalistic, nor do I reject myself. And I am certainly not gay and I enjoy a wonderful relationship with my wife!

And yet, all these labels and more have been applied to me. None of them represent me. I long to be known for my heart, for who I truly am.

I guess I am feeling overwhelmed and very misunderstood. This photo of the mountains reminds me of peace, of simplicity and of joy. Life abounds in the mountains. Its pure, its real. Life is so much simpler than what we often make it. We strive so hard, madly flapping our wings when we could just soar.

If only we would trust our heart. If only we would listen to what our heart is saying to us. To allow ourselves to truly be who we are. Who we are is so unique and special. There is magic in being an individual, in walking our own path, the one designed especially for us by a loving Creator. Who we are is God's greatest gift to us. We bring glory to God by choosing to be fully alive. In choosing to be ourselves and not someone else, not conforming to the labels society tries to pin on us.

So, I will remember the peace I have in my heart. I will continue to just be myself and enjoy who I am in Jesus. Its hard to ignore the pressures to conform, to give up who I am... but I have no other choice. I choose to live. To follow Christ and to love others. To inspire others to be themselves.

Well, enough rambling for now...